Environmental Management

Western Areas strives for continuous improvement of our environmental management systems.  These systems are designed to prevent activities and/or conditions that negatively impact the environment.  Environmental management is audited by external parties on a regular basis.

Environmental Policy

Biodiversity Conservation

As a stakeholder of the Great Western Woodlands we are committed to biodiversity conservation and continue to actively support conservation of endangered fauna endemic to our operations.  Current conservation programs include;

  • Sponsorship of the Perth Zoo Western Quoll (Chuditch) enclosure assists the zoo to improve the viability of the endangered species through breeding programs, conservation based research and conservation education aimed at changing attitudes that impact on the conservation status of wild populations.


  • Financial support for the Eastern Wheatbelt Biosecurity Group Inc. assists the local community in dealing with the serious environmental and economical threat posed by feral animals in the area, particularly wild dogs. 


  • Financial and logistical support for the WA Museums research into the ecology of the Endangered Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris).


  • In May 2015, Western Areas entered into a five year agreement with the Department of Parks and Wildlife to support their Western Shield wildlife program.  The program aims to recover native animal populations through broad scale baiting to reduce the threat of foxes and feral cats. 


Climate Change

Western Areas undertakes voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and assessment of climate change risks and opportunities through the international Carbon Disclosure Project. Participation in the CDP provides a valuable tool for analysis of climate change related aspects of our environmental performance. Western Areas also reviews operations energy consumption and aims to improve energy efficiency through continuous improvement initiatives.

Recent Reports and Management Plans


EPBC2011/6003 SQ-CB Haul Rd 2014-2015 Compliance Assessment Report

EPBC2011/6003 Carnaby's Black Cockatoo Management Plan

Statement 808 SQ2016-2017 Compliance Assessment Report


EPBC2011-6003 2017-2018 Compliance Assessment Report

Statement 808 SQ2015-2016 Compliance Asssessment Report

2011-6003 2016-2017 Compliance Assessment Report

2011-6003_2015-2016 Compliance Assessment Report_Final

Statement 808 SQ2013-2014 Compliance Assessment Report

EPBC2011/6003 SQ-CB Haul Rd 2013-2014 Compliance Assessment Report

EPBC2011/6003 SQ-CB Haul Rd 2012-2013 Compliance Assessment Report

Statement 808 SQ2012-2013 Compliance Assessment Report

Statement 808 SQ2014-2015 Compliance Assessment Report

Western Quoll Henrietta living at the core yard at Forrestania