Date Document
12/09/2019 SGQ: Thick Nickel-Copper Sulphides Intersected Down-Plunge
02/09/2019 SGQ: New Discovery of Nickel-Copper Sulphides
20/08/2019 Full Year Financial Results Presentation
20/08/2019 Full Year Financial Results News Release
20/08/2019 Dividend/Distribution - WSA
20/08/2019 Preliminary Final Report & Full Year Statutory Accounts
16/08/2019 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
12/08/2019 Change in substantial holding
12/08/2019 Advance Notice - Full Year Results Conference Call
05/08/2019 Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum Presentation 2019
31/07/2019 SGQ: Drilling of EM Conductors Begins
19/07/2019 Offtake Agreement for High Grade Nickel Sulphide Product
18/07/2019 Quarterly Activities Report
16/07/2019 Becoming a substantial holder
05/07/2019 Odysseus Early Works Completed On Time and Budget
13/06/2019 SGQ: Assays Confirm Thick High-Grade Nickel-Copper Sulphides
11/06/2019 Change in substantial holding
09/05/2019 Change in substantial holding
29/04/2019 Quarterly Activities Report
28/03/2019 WA Mining Club Luncheon - Corporate Presentation
18/03/2019 Becoming a substantial holder
18/03/2019 SGQ: Drilling at Mt Alexander - Strong Results Continue
13/03/2019 Corporate Presentation March 2019
07/03/2019 SGQ: Nickel-Copper Sulphide Drilling at Mt Alexander
22/02/2019 SGQ: Drilling Begins at Mt Alexander
20/02/2019 FY2019 Half Year Results Presentation
20/02/2019 FY2019 Half Year Press Release
20/02/2019 FY2019 Half Year Accounts & Appendix 4D
15/02/2019 Appendix 3B
13/02/2019 Advance Notice - Half Year Results Conference Call
23/01/2019 Quarterly Activities Report
18/01/2019 Change of Director's Interest Notice
09/01/2019 Odysseus Project Update