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Cosmic Boy

The high-grade nickel ore mined from Forrestania is processed through the Cosmic Boy Concentrator (CBC) and sold into offtake agreements with Tsingshan Group, China’s largest stainless steel producer and BHP Billiton.

The CBC treats the raw nickel and produces a consistent nickel concentrate product grading approximately 14% nickel. The concentrate produced from the Forrestania project is characterised by low impurities such as magnesium which makes it more desirable to smelters.

The concentrator consists of a three-stage crushing circuit, followed by a single closed-circuit ball mill and a system of flotation tanks and thickening/filtration system.

The recovery rates for Cosmic Boy currently average between 85% and 90%. The recovery rates refer to the percentage amount of nickel recovered from the raw ore during processing.

At CBC a Mill Recovery Enhancement Project (MREP) has recently been commissioned.  The MREP incorporates the use of the Company’s BioHeap™ technology to recover nickel from the tailings waste stream. The nickel recovered is then converted into a high-grade nickel sulphide product which can either be mixed with the CBC floatation concentrate or sold as a separate premium product suitable to be processed in a refinery.


  • 2018/2019YTD
    ItemUnitSep QtrDec QtrMar QtrJun QtrTotal
    Total Ore MinedTns141,567139,528141,595133,312556,002
    Mine GradeNi %4.1%4.2%4.3%4.1%4.2%
    Total Nickel Minedtonnes5,8685,8516,0665,42323,208
    Ore Processed (Milling/Concentrator)tonnes156,706154,517146,935152,329610,487
    Processed GradeNi %3.9%4.0%4.2%4.0%4.0%
    Average Mill Recovery%89%88%88%88%88%
    Total Nickel in Concentrate Producedtonnes5,3795,4155,4485,43321,675
    Total Nickel Soldtonnes5,0185,3865,1895,89021,483
    Contained Nickel in stockpilestonnes4,8204,4134,5103,317
    Cash Cost Nickel in ConcentrateA$/lb2.993.152.822.962.98
    Cash Cost Nickel in ConcentrateUS$/lb2.
    Exchange RateUS$/A$0.730.720.710.700.72
    Realised Nickel Price (before payability)A$/lb7.917.018.317.667.72
  • 2018/2019YTD
    Tonnes MinedSep QtrDec QtrMar QtrJun QtrTotal
    Flying Fox
    Ore Minedtonnes58,69959,30956,38657,213231,607
    GradeNi %4.0%4.3%4.5%4.2%4.2%
    Flying Fox Nickel Minedtonnes2,3302,5742,5502,3819,835
    Spotted Quoll
    Ore Minedtonnes82,86880,21985,20976,099324,395
    GradeNi %4.3%4.1%4.1%4.0%4.1%
    Spotted Quoll Nickel Minedtonnes3,5383,2773,5163,04213,373
    Total Ore Minedtonnes141,567139,528141,595133,312556,002
    GradeNi %4.1%4.2%4.3%4.1%4.2%
    Total Nickel Minedtonnes5,8685,8516,0665,42323,208
  • 2018/2019YTD
    Tonnes Milled and SoldSep QtrDec QtrMar QtrJun QtrTotal
    Total Milled Oretonnes156,706154,517146,935152,329610,487
    Average Recovery %89%88%88%88%88%
    Total Nickel in Concentrate Produced (i)tonnes5,3795,4155,4485,43321,675
    Nickel in Concentrate Soldtonnes5,0185,3865,1895,89021,483
  • 2018/2019
    StockpilesSep QtrDec QtrMar QtrJun Qtr
    Concentrate tonnes4,4624,0935,4812,390
    Contained Nickel in Stockpilestonnes4,8204,4134,5103,317
  • 2018/2019
    Financial StatisticsSep QtrDec QtrMar QtrJun QtrYTD
    Group Production Cost/lb
    Mining Cost (*)A$/lb2.242.382.112.242.24
    By Product CreditsA$/lb(0.03)(0.03)(0.03)(0.03)(0.03)
    Cash Cost Ni in Con (***)A$/lb2.993.152.822.962.98
    Cash Cost Ni in Con/lb (***)US$/lb (**)
    Exchange Rate US$ / A$0.730.720.710.700.72