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Flying Fox

Flying Fox is Western Areas first producing underground mine and remains one of the highest grade nickel mines in the world. Production commenced in 2006, and the underground mine now operates at depths of over 1km underground.

The Flying Fox orebody extends from 250m to 1.2km below the surface and includes discrete independent orebodies with possible extensions at depth. The primary stoping method used is ‘top-down’ long-hole stoping using paste-fill to attempt 100% recovery of the high-grade orebody. In the narrower sections of the orebody both modified Avoca with unconsolidated and cemented rock-fill are used.


  • ItemUnit2019/20202018/2019
    Sep QtrJun QtrMar QtrDec Qtr
    Total Ore Mined tonnes147,356133,312141,595139,528
    Mine Grade Ni %3.90%4.10%4.30%4.20%
    Total Nickel Mined tonnes5,8055,4236,0665,851
    Ore Processed (Milling/Concentrator) tonnes149,729152,329146,935154,517
    Processed Grade Ni %3.90%4.00%4.20%4.00%
    Average Processing Recovery %89%88%88%88%
    Total Nickel in Concentrate tonnes5,2595,4335,4485,415
    Total Nickel Sold tonnes5,0515,8905,1895,386
    Contained Nickel in Stockpiles tonnes3,3153,3174,5104,413
    Cash Cost Nickel in Concentrate A$/lb3.062.962.823.15
    Cash Cost Nickel in Concentrate US$/lb2.
    Exchange Rate US$/A$0.690.70.710.72
    Net Nickel Price (before payability applied) A$/lb11.58.09(*)8.317.01
  • Tonnes minedUnit2019/20202018/2019
    Sep QtrJun QtrMar QtrDec Qtr
    Flying Fox
    Ore Minedtonnes61,41457,21356,38659,309
    Flying Fox Nickel Minedtonnes2,2802,3812,5502,574
    Spotted Quoll
    Ore MinedTonnes85,94276,09985,20980,219
    Spotted Quoll Nickel MinedTonnes3,5253,0423,5163,277
    Total Ore MinedTonnes147,356133,312141,595139,528
    Total Nickel MinedTonnes5,8055,4236,0665,851
  • Tonnes milledUnit2018/20192019/2020
    Dec QtrMar QtrJun QtrSep Qtr
    Total Milled Oretonnes154,517146,935152,329149,729
    Ave. Recovery%88%88%88%89%
    Nickel in Concentrate Produced (i)tonnes5,4155,4485,4335,259
    Nickel in Concentrate Soldtonnes5,3865,1895,8905,051
  • StockpilesUnit2019/20202018/2019
    Sep QtrJun QtrMar QtrDec Qtr
    Contained Nickel in Stockpilestonnes3,3153,3174,5104,413
  • Financial StatisticsUnit2019/20202018/2019
    Sep QtrJun QtrMar QtrDec Qtr
    Group Production Cost/lb
    Mining Cost (*)A$/lb2.
    By Product CreditsA$/lb-0.03-0.03-0.03-0.03
    Cash Cost Ni in Con (***)A$/lb3.062.962.823.15
    Cash Cost Ni in Con (***)US$/lb(**)
    Exchange Rate US$ / A$0.690.70.710.72