Spotted Quoll

Spotted Quoll is Western Areas’ second mine and was discovered in October 2007, as a result of Western Areas ongoing investment in regional and near-mine exploration.

Spotted Quoll has high nickel grades also making it one of the world’s highest-grade nickel mines.

The Spotted Quoll orebody is open at depth with the mine currently planned to just over 1km below the surface.  The primary stoping method is a ‘top-down’ mining method using long-hole open stoping with paste fill.  The narrower and shallower areas are mined using top-down narrow vein techniques. Currently Spotted Quoll has a mine life exceeding six years, based on current reserves.


  • 18/1919/20YTD
    ItemUnitMar QtrJun QtrSep QtrDec QtrTotal
    Total Ore MinedTns141,595133,312147,356144,932292,288
    Mine GradeNi %4.30%4.10%3.90%4.00%4.00%
    Total Nickel Minedtonnes6,0665,4235,8055,84911,654
    Ore Processed (Milling/Concentrator)tonnes146,935152,329149,729143,409293,138
    Processed GradeNi %4.20%4.00%3.90%4.20%4.10%
    Average Mill Recovery%88%88%89%89%89%
    Total Nickel in Concentrate Producedtonnes5,4485,4335,2595,39910,658
    Total Nickel Soldtonnes5,1895,8905,0513,9829,033
    Contained Nickel in stockpilestonnes4,5103,3173,3153,778
    Cash Cost Nickel in ConcentrateA$/lb2.822.963.063.13.07
    Cash Cost Nickel in ConcentrateUS$/lb2.
    Exchange RateUS$/A$0.710.70.690.680.69
    Realised Nickel Price (before payability)A$/lb8.318.0911.59.3910.57

    (*) Noting the export shipment missed the quarter end, leaving port on 1 January 2020

  • 18/1919/20YTD
    Tonnes MinedMar QtrJun QtrSep QtrDec QtrTotal
    Flying Fox
    Ore Minedtonnes56,38657,21361,41460,081121,495
    GradeNi %4.50%4.20%3.70%4.50%4.10%
    Flying Fox Nickel Minedtonnes2,5502,3812,2802,7124,992
    Spotted Quoll
    Ore Minedtonnes85,20976,09985,94284,851170,793
    GradeNi %4.10%4.00%4.10%3.70%3.90%
    Spotted Quoll Nickel Minedtonnes3,5163,0423,5253,1376,662
    Total Ore Minedtonnes141,595133,312147,356144,932292,288
    GradeNi %4.30%4.10%3.90%4.00%4.00%
    Total Nickel Minedtonnes6,0665,4235,8055,84911,654
  • 18/1919/20YTD
    Tonnes Milled and SoldMar QtrJun QtrSep QtrDec QtrTotal
    Total Milled Oretonnes146,935152,329149,729143,409293,138
    Average Recovery%88%88%89%89%89%
    Total Nickel in Concentrate Produced (i)tonnes5,4485,4335,2595,39910,658
    Nickel in Concentrate Soldtonnes5,1895,8905,0513,9919,042

    (i) Includes MREP Nickel tonnes produced.
    (*) Noting the export shipment missed the quarter end, leaving port on 1 January 2020

  • 18/1919/20
    StockpilesMar QtrJun QtrSep QtrDec Qtr
    Contained Nickel in Stockpilestonnes4,5103,3173,3154,389
  • 18/1919/20
    Financial StatisticsMar QtrJun QtrSep QtrDec QtrYTD
    Group Production Cost/lb
    Mining Cost (*)A$/lb2.
    By Product CreditsA$/lb-0.03-0.03-0.03-0.02-0.02
    Flotation Cash Cost Ni in Con (***)A$/lb2.822.963.063.063.06
    Total Cash Cost Ni in Con (***) incl MREPA$/lb--
    Cash Cost Ni in Con/lb (***)US$/lb (**)
    Exchange Rate US$ / A$0.710.70.690.680.69

    (*) Mining Costs are net of deferred waste costs and inventory stockpile movements.
    (**) US$ FX for Relevant Quarter is RBA average daily rate (Dec Qtr = A$1:US$0.68)
    (***) Payable terms are not disclosed due to confidentiality conditions of the offtake agreements. Cash costs exclude royalties and concentrate logistics costs.
    Note: Grade and recovery estimates are subject to change until the final assay data are received